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About MSC

Main Street Creatives comprises a fine art Gallery, private Artists' Studios and the Art Academy.

Currently located at 36 South Main Street in Brighton Colorado, a site it has occupied for about 5 years, MSC previously resided at various locations on North Main Street.

The current building dates from the early 1950s and has housed the police station and chamber of commerce amongst other enterprises. It is located next to the Wells Fargo Drive-thru bank. The convenient parking lot is entered from S. Cabbage St which runs parallel to and just West of the railway lines. 

MSC has 17 studio artists, some of whom help make up the 19 gallery artists. Most artwork is representational and ranges in medium from oils and acrylics, to inks and pastels, to watercolours and jewelry, to bronze and feathers. And most recently, fabric art.

We are currently revamping our site - in the meantime, please follow this link to the Art Academy site, or check out our Facebook page, for more information